There is Humamnity!
But where are Humans?

About Us.

TAKE CARE INDIA a youth based social organization from Chennai was founded by MOHAMED IBRAHIM in 2014. We deliver social awareness messages to the public through entertainment and media. Edutaiment is our motto, striving hard to meet the right thoughts with right actions in a medium that enables reach to the masses.
TAKE CARE INDIA is the first team in India to spread social awareness messages to public through themes of STREET PLAY and LIVE EVENTS.

Our Vision.

To make India Beggar Free through upliftment and rehabilitation of under prviliged citizens and youth by educationing life skills and life time ecnomic opportunities.

Our Objective.

To achieve our vision by tapping channels of Edutainment propagating sustainable views through media and social platforms, therby enabling all to be aware and enlightened.


Take Care India
Chennai - 600 077

Phone Number

Mobile: 9176687786